Innovative health & beauty range now delivers the results of Beseri-seri Inside Out

KUALA LUMPUR, 15 DECEMBER 2021 – Duopharma Biotech Berhad (“Duopharma Biotech” or “the Company”) officially launched its new Flavettes Nutriskincare range today, further expanding its consumer healthcare portfolio into the health and beauty segment through the established Flavettes brand. In 2021, Flavettes – the No. 1 Adult Vitamin C brand in Malaysia and a market leader in the effervescent Vitamin C segment, targeted the steadily-growing beauty segment with the introduction of Flavettes Nutriskincare variants – building on the popularity of its effervescent Vitamin C products.

Using the tagline “Be Seri-Seri Inside Out”, the new Flavettes Nutriskincare range is positioned as a complete skincare offering, with effective products in the easily absorbed effervescent format, emphasising the importance of the right nutrition in holistic beauty routines.

Flavettes Effervescent Glamz

“Beauty aficionados will recognise the ingredients in our new Flavettes Nutriskincare range in many renowned beauty products that help protect the skin, combat free radicals, repair damaged skin cells and maintain hydration of cells – for firm, fair, radiant and youthful-looking skin. For Duopharma Biotech, we are using our expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing of effective nutritional supplements to offer a holistic skincare and beauty approach from the inside out – making it an integral part of a good skincare regimen. The new Flavettes Nutriskincare range – developed with full scientific rigour like our other pharmaceutical grade products, offers an innovative triple action formulation to improve overall skin health from the cellular level,” Leonard Ariff Abdul Shatar, Group Managing Director, Duopharma Biotech Berhad commented.

“In fulfilling our vision of “Providing Smarter Solutions for a Healthier Life” and our mission of being the
“Leading Healthcare Group Providing Quality and Innovative Solutions”, Duopharma Biotech has continuously explored new areas and offerings in healthcare as an industry leader and champion of halal pharmaceuticals. Through the new Flavettes Nutriskincare range, we are taking another bold step in the evolution and expansion of our Consumer Healthcare segment, moving into the real beauty segment to meet the growing demand. Tapping on the market leadership of our Flavettes Effervescent range, we are using our knowledge of popular nutritional supplement formats to deliver the nutrients that are required for healthy, beautiful skin,” he added.

Flavettes Effervescent Glow

Exciting consumer engagement
In the launch attended by singer Wany Hasrita, the Ambassador for Flavettes, the guests – including Watsons Elite Members who had won invitations to the event, were treated to an exciting line-up of entertainment and activities. These included performances by Wany Hasrita as well as the Top 3 Finalists of Lagu Cinta Kita and Lydia – the winner of Shila Amzah’s Masterclass. Other activities included a Q&A segment with skincare expert Dr Anshaw Lee, voting for the Lagu Cinta Kita Favourite Glamz Couple and a session of the H-Drate Filter challenge.

To celebrate the launch of the new Flavettes Nutriskincare range, a series of exciting promotions and sponsorships have been carried out, including sponsoring the TV3 Akasia drama Mr Bibik and TV3 duet singing competition reality show Lagu Cinta Kita – for Flavettes Effervescent Glamz, as well as sponsorship of 8tv singing competition reality show Shila Amzah Masterclass for Flavettes Effervescent H-Drate. In addition, a series of five Q&A videos with Dr Anshaw Lee will be featured on the Flavettes Malaysia Instagram account, while consumers can win RM10 Watsons promo codes for Flavettes Effervescent H-Drate by playing the H-Drate Filter challenge via a new filter downloadable from the Flavettes Malaysia Instagram account.

Flavettes Effervescent H-Drate

All variants of the Flavettes Nutriskincare range – sold in tubes of 15 and 30 effervescent tablets, are available in Watsons outlets and other pharmacies nationwide, including their online stores.

For more information on the new Flavettes Nutriskincare range and to stay updated on the exciting promotions, please visit Flavettes Malaysia’s Facebook page at