Numbers growing among younger people, urgent action and more therapies needed

The burden of kidney disease continues to grow among Malaysians, especially among younger people, compounded by a rise in related diseases, necessitating action to mitigate the issue and creating a need for new therapies to help patients.



Kidney patients in Malaysia, with over 8,000 new patients diagnosed annually since 2018 1

A silent killer

Only 5% of people with kidney disease are aware of it. Early screening for high-risk groups, especially those with diabetes and hypertension, is important for intervention to delay the progression of the disease.

By 20402

Patients will need dialysis
0 %
Will be under 45 years old
RM 0 billion
Cost to healthcare system

The primary driver of the surge in chronic kidney disease is the increase in non-communicable diseases, particularly diabetes. Malaysia has consistently remained among the top three countries in the world with the highest proportion of new end stage kidney disease patients having diabetes as the primary cause, at 65%.3

Our Therapies

There is a demand for effective therapies that can help Malaysians with kidney disease maintain better quality of life. Our portfolio of specialty pharmaceutical drugs for the domestic and international market to treat kidney disease, includes Unihepa, Ranofer, Erysaa®, Bi-haemosol and Haemosol.