Cardiovascular Disease

A top healthcare concern for the nation, a steady demand for therapies

Cardiovascular disease impacts a significant proportion of Malaysians, thus requiring a continuous supply of medicines and therapies to manage the health of patients. 


Heart disease remained the principal cause of death among the general public at 17% of the 109,155 medically certified deaths in 2020, rising from 15% in the previous year.>1

Department of Statistics Malaysia

A growing risk

In Malaysia, cardiovascular disease has been the leading cause of morbidity and mortality for more than a decade, with patients also developing the condition at a younger age compared to neighbouring countries. Risk factors for cardiovascular disease are common in Malaysia, such as being overweight or obese, smoking, hypercholesterolaemia, hypertension and diabetes. Among Malaysian adults, many have clusters of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. As of November 2021, 43.2% of adults had at least two of the risk factors.2

Risk to adults aged over 30
in Malaysia

Risk by Gender





Main Cause of Death by Age Group


of all deaths in
adults aged
41 to 59


of all deaths in
adults aged
60 and over

Risk by Population Distribution

Risk by Ethnicity

Our Therapies

The demand for effective medicines to help Malaysians with cardiovascular disease maintain their health remains steady in light of the prevalence of the condition. Among our portfolio of classic and specialty pharmaceutical drugs for the domestic and international market are generic drugs to treat cardiovascular disease, such as Vascor, Acetan, Covasc, Crystorvas, Bezartan, Vytan and Vytocor.