50,000 unit of handicraft items specially made by the autistic trainees from NASOM training centre to be given as on-pack premium gifts when purchasing Champs Vitamin C range promotion packs

Kuala Lumpur APRIL 30, 2018 – Handicraft made with love by children with autism will be showcased throughout Malaysia, thanks to Champs, Malaysia’s largest vitamin brand for children which is collaborating with the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) to create greater awareness and acceptance of autism, besides enabling the latter’s products to be appreciated by a wider market.

The 2018 Champs-NASOM Autism Awareness campaign, takes a new approach this year as CCM Duopharma Biotech Bhd (CCM Duopharma), the producer and marketeer of the established children’s health supplement brand, purchased 50,000 specially made handicraft items, worth RM125,000, as on-pack premium gifts with the purchase of Champs Vitamin C.

CCM Duopharma Group Managing Director, Leonard Ariff Abdul Shatar, said that the lovingly made handmade crafts ranging from key chains, hair clips and cross-stitched coin pouches will be co- branded during the awareness campaign period which runs from April till May, 2018.

“Last year, CCM Duopharma’s “Every Child is a Champion” campaign raised RM50,000 as CCM Duopharma donated 50 sen for every bottle of Champs Vitamin C range purchased by consumers or for each picture of a person wearing blue posted on Instagram with the hashtag #mychampionsnasom.

“Champs is the first Halal-certified children’s vitamins in Malaysia and it has helped children develop healthy minds and bodies for the past 34 years. We are confident that this year’s 2018 Champs- NASOM Autism Awareness campaign will be able to generate greater awareness of autism among the public and support the autistic community to continue expressing their passion and skills through creative work,” said Leonard Ariff.

CCM Duopharma’s Champs-NASOM corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign received the 2017 Malaysia Health and Wellness Brand Award under the Best CSR category. Currently, NASOM has 20 centres located across Malaysia that support hundreds of students from as young as three to 36 years of age.

“Handicraft making has been one of the day-to-day activities for the autistic trainees, which helps exercise their motor skill besides keeping them occupied with the art and craft activities every day. “We were informed that most NASOM centres rely on selling handicrafts to sustain their operational cost, and, we sincerely hope that this gesture will be able to help them manage their activities,” said Leonard Ariff.

NASOM chairman, Feilina Feisol said autistic trainees based at its vocational centre located in Bandar Puteri, Klang Selangor, underwent four months of training by teachers at the centre, to facilitate self-expression and develop their creativity to produce 50,000 unique handcraft items for the campaign.

“They now have the opportunity to reach out to a bigger audience and share their inner worlds through their handicraft items, thanks to the 2018 Champs-NASOM Autism Awareness campaign,” she added.

Feilina also expressed her appreciation for CCM Duopharma’s continuous support and contribution over the past three years. “CCM Duopharma has been a great partner throughout our collaboration as the Company is committed to inspiring the autistic community in Malaysia to be independent and lead a more productive and happier lives.

“The campaign offers the autistic trainees a creative outlet to showcase their talent and discover their strengths which can be developed further. The autistic community in Malaysia needs love, support and respect so that they can lead a normal life. I sincerely hope that our campaign with CCM Duopharma will rekindle their hope to be contributing members of the society,” Feilina added.

Besides helping to identify and promote the treatment, education, welfare and acceptance of people with autism, NASOM also provides assistance and advice to families with members diagnosed with autism. Leonard Ariff sealed CCM Duopharma’s sponsorship of the 2018 Champs-NASOM Autism Awareness campaign by presenting a mock cheque of RM125,000 to Feilina Feisol, at a ceremony held at NASOM’s vocational centre located in Bandar Puteri, Klang recently.