Leading pharmaceutical company equips employees with knowledge and skills on safety, health and environment for safer and healthier workplace

KUALA LUMPUR AUGUST 14, 2018 – In line with its commitment to ensuring safe and environmental-friendly working conditions for its employees, CCM Duopharma Biotech Berhad (CCM Duopharma) recently launched a Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Week to inculcate the SHE culture in the Company’s daily operations.
Besides creating greater awareness of promoting environmental, health and safety best practices amongst employees, CCM Duopharma’s SHE Week aimed at increasing the workforce’s continuous engagement and commitment to safety excellence at the workplace.

Speaking at the launch of the SHE Week, CCM Duopharma Biotech Berhad Group Managing Director, Leonard Ariff Abdul Shatar said that SHE management is crucial to not only prevent accidents at the workplace but also to provide a conducive working environment that will inevitably boost productivity and employee morale which will lead to greater company success.

“We operate in the pharmaceutical industry that emphasises the importance of the safety of our products and their impacts on our customers and the environment. Implementing a strong and effective SHE management system is essential in the handling of machineries and equipment, and careful management of chemicals and biological substances in the laboratory as well as the production process. A healthier and safer working environment significantly helps to prevent workplace mishaps and enable us to realise our zero accident goal,” he said. Leonard Ariff added that the workplace is like a second home to majority of Malaysians, hence the importance of nurturing a safe, supportive and sustainable working environment.

“Workplace health and safety not only cover the physical well-being of employees but also their mental health. Exposure to various workplace hazards can lead to work-related stress which if left untreated can transform to psychological conditions or physical illnesses. Our employees are the heart of our success. Hence, CCM Duopharma is committed to safeguarding the mental well-being of our workforce and our SHE management system strives to cultivate a positive work culture to keep our employees happy and productive with the ability to create high-quality work,” said Leonard Ariff.

The CCM Duopharma SHE Week was launched by the Minister of Human Resources, YB Tuan M. Kulasegaran who commended the Company for its effort to educate and increase awareness of its employees on the importance of advocating the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being at the workplace. “Complying with SHE regulations enables an organisation to drive progress across all operations.

A company can establish a sustainable working environment by identifying potential hazards and improving operational safety. As a result, employees will perform better and acquire relevant skills to significantly contribute to long-term success. I applaud CCM Duopharma’s SHE initiatives as they will create well-trained employees to meet the country’s demand for skilled workers in embracing global challenges,” said YB Tuan M. Kulasegaran.

Various activities were held during the SHE Week including quizzes, competitions, talks and the set up of exhibition booths on the responsibilities, benefits and best practices of SHE at the workplace. CCM Duopharma is currently the largest current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) –

Pharmaceutical certified manufacturer in Malaysia with facilities in Bangi, Klang and Glenmarie. This standard ensures all production activities in the plants are in line with the standards established by Malaysia’s Health Ministry’s cGMP and international standards.