CHAMPS’ “Every Child is a Champion” campaign raises RM50,000 in support of NASOM

Kuala Lumpur, September 27, 2017 – Once considered rare, autism is now on the rise and approximately 67 million worldwide live with autism. According to the Malaysian Department of Social Welfare, there are close to 13,000 individuals in Malaysia who are registered as autistic in 2014. Meanwhile, the Malaysian Ministry of Health reported that autism cases in the country are on the rise every year, emphasising the importance of early treatment to improve a child’s development.

The challenge to parents and the community to raise and provide autistic children with the opportunity to maximise their potential and grow to become successful, independent adults is a monumental and constant challenge.

The National Autism Society of Malaysia’s (NASOM) outreach programme to empower parents to provide love and support for their autistic children, and to dispel misconceptions about the neurological disorder reached a RM50,000 boost from CCM Duopharma Biotech Berhad (CCMD)’s “Every Child is a Champion” campaign.

Through the “Every Child is a Champion” campaign, held from April to June 2017, CCMD donated 50 sen for every bottle of CHAMPS Vitamin C range purchased by consumers or each photo posted on Instagram of customers donning blue outfits to symbolise autism awareness with the hashtag #mychampionsnasom throughout the campaign period. CHAMPS is the first Halal-certified children’s vitamins, trusted by mothers in Malaysia for over 34 years to support
children’s developing body and mind.

During the “Every Child is a Champion” campaign, CHAMPS conducted radio interviews with mothers who shared the ups and downs of bringing up autistic children as well as NASOM that provided educational resources on autism to the public. Besides that, CHAMPS ran advertorials in the newspapers and a successful social media campaign that included online banners and Facebook posts to reach a larger audience and drive engagement.

Speaking at the campaign’s cheque presentation ceremony, Billy Urudra, CCMD’s Chief Commercial Officer praised NASOM for its tireless efforts in combating the stigma and isolation that often plague autistic children and their parents while offering them with an avenue to acquire the right tools and knowledge to succeed in life.

“Due to the high demands and costs associated with taking care of autistic children, parents need a high level of support from their families and community as well as the education and healthcare systems in order to nurture their children with love and care they deserve,” said Billy.

“We are committed to supporting families of children with autism and developing a strong partnership with NASOM to create a more inclusive society and provide equal learning opportunities for autistic children. This is in line with CHAMPS’ tagline of “Mothers’ Choice for Champions” that strongly believes in providing mothers everywhere with important nutrients for their children that help to unleash their children’s potential in becoming champions regardless of their capacity,” he said.

The “Every Child is a Champion” campaign’s success of raising RM50,000 during the three- month period showed that it managed to garner greater public support toward generating awareness of autism in the country and showcased better understanding, acceptance and respect for the autistic community.

“We are humbled by NASOM’s efforts and are pleased to partner with it for the second year to further our commitment with the autism community. NASOM’s continuous community engagement initiatives are admirable and we are confident that our contribution will help the society to address the increasing needs of the autistic community in the country and build their confidence to become contributing members of society,” Billy added.

NASOM Chairman, Feilina S.Y Muhammad Feisol thanked CCMD for their continuous support and contribution which will be useful for funding continuity efforts from last year’s campaign including comprehensive training programmes for teachers and enabling more students to participate in the Society’s early intervention programme.

“We are grateful for CCMD’s contribution which will be fully utilised to meet the needs of the growing number of autistic individuals in the country. We are pleased to be joining forces with CCM again this year as we mark NASOM’s 30th year anniversary of improving the well-being of autistic children in Malaysia in the hope of helping them live rewarding and fulfilling lives,” said Feilina.