Product distribution agreement signed between Duopharma Consumer Healthcare and South Korea-based stem cell technology company SCM Lifescience, Inc. 

KOREA, 27 September 2022 – Duopharma Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (“Duopharma Consumer Healthcare”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Duopharma Biotech Berhad (“Duopharma Biotech”) has signed a Product Distribution Agreement with South Korea-based stem cell technology company SCM Lifescience, Inc. (“SCM Lifescience”) to distribute a range of IRORO brand halal-certified anti-hair loss products in Malaysia. 

IRORO is using stem cell technology as its active ingredient to create a halal range catering to the Malaysian market. 

The product range to be distributed by Duopharma Consumer Healthcare comprises:

  • IRORO Nutreatment Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for Men 
  • IRORO Nutreatment Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for Women 
  • IRORO Nutreatment Anti-Hair Loss Treatment 
  • IRORO Nutreatment Anti-Hair Loss Serum 

“This agreement with SCM Lifescience enables Duopharma Consumer Healthcare to expand our entry into the cosmeceutical segment with the halal-certified IRORO range specially formulated for Malaysia. Following Duopharma Biotech’s 2.73% investment into SCM Lifescience, we are committed to optimising their findings – particularly in stem cell research, to elevate our consumer product offerings, enabling us to have a unique advantage in the market,” said Leonard Ariff Abdul Shatar, Group Managing Director, Duopharma Biotech Berhad.

“We are also currently collaborating with SCM Lifescience to develop atopic dermatitis stem cell therapy. Through the introduction of the IRORO range, we are laying the groundwork for this product segment ahead of a potential launch of products to treat atopic dermatitis,” added Leonard Ariff. 

The stem cell used in IRORO will be able to promote hair growth as well as scalp improvement. The researchers found that after two weeks of use, research participants experienced an increase in scalp pore cleanliness and skin moisture levels, without any skin irritation observed, findings which were verified by a nationally-certified clinical institution in South Korea. 

“We are pleased to collaborate with Duopharma Consumer Healthcare in bringing the IRORO brand to Malaysia. Hair loss can have various factors including genetics, diet and environmental factors that can differ across markets, but we are confident in the efficacy of the IRORO range and excited to see the brand helping Malaysians overcome the impact of hair loss. We foresee that this product range will be the first among other products made available to Malaysians through our R&D collaboration with Duopharma Consumer Healthcare,” said Dr. Byong Kwan Son, CEO, SCM Lifescience.


The IRORO product range will be available to consumers through e-commerce platforms in Malaysia in the first quarter of 2023.